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Co-Op Productions is currently developing, Speaks'Easy: A Visual Mixtape of Black Cool.

Written by Demetia Hopkins and Directed by Alyssa V Gomez.

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CONCEPT I Conceived by Demetia Hopkins

Speaks'Easy follows the journey of Zola Speaks, a young, introverted woman, at the brink of a quarter-life crisis as she returns home in an effort to escape the hectic pace of her current life. Even there in the security of her quiet, country town, things start to fall apart. Dive inside the mind of Zola as she weathers life’s storm sheltered in the confines of a country speakeasy. An epigenetic tale of legacy and self-empowerment. A family history revealed through music, dance, and spoken word; a mixtape of lessons learned.

SETTING I Rural Virginia, USA, Current Day

A traditional southern plantation home whose cellars double as a local speakeasy. The top levels of the "Big House" serve as the interior rooms of the home/bed & breakfast.

CAST SIZE I 16 Actors (8 Women/8 Men)

BAND SIZE I 4-5 Musicians. Will play the Speaks’Easy band on stage.

  • Piano

  • Saxophone

  • Bass

  • Trumpet

  • Drums

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