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Let’s be clear — in this family, we believe:

Black lives matter

All gender identities are welcome 

No human is illegal 

Artists are essential

BIMPOC narratives are beautiful, strong, and necessary


Our work is made for our people, by our people.

  • Co-Op productions is our response to the lack of real response from the commercial artistic       community in the face of discussions regarding inclusion and equality. BIMPOC artists are not a fad or a trend; we’ve been here as the backbone of “American” art, music, and theater and we’re reclaiming our voice by making space for BIMPOC creators to shine.

Transparency in the Process

  • We are open with all artists who work with us, and no question or idea is off-limits. We’re here to explore equity in film and onstage through collaborations that are authentic, honest, open, and flexible. To partner with us is to be heard, valued, credited, and inspired.


Storytelling as Service

  • Our reason and our purpose are our future: young, BIMPOC artists. We use our resources to produce work that not only connects to the people for whom it was created, but is also explicitly in service to them. There is nothing more important to us than to give back to the very communities that we seek to amplify with truthful, accessible work from the heart.

Stand in Your Power

  • At Co-Op, we’re into you… the real you. We want you to bring your full self to our collab and unapologetically own your space. We’re not here to sugarcoat your truthful expression: art itself is messy, raw, real, and honest. We’re here to open minds, not force anyone into a neat, palatable box.

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