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"The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible."

-Toni Cade Bambarayou


We are a collaborative, cooperative collective of BIMPOC artists, activists, and creative change-makers. 


Our musicians, designers, engineers, and performers brainstorm from all over the world to bring you truthful, raw, hype, real content. We don’t ask for permission, but rather self-produce and generate art from the ground up so we can own our space and step fully into our truths. We supply BIMPOC artists with the resources they need to make their beautiful, strong voices heard, and our in-house production team passionately uplifts ideas in all genres, including music videos, music, play readings, podcasts, web series, film, and digital content.

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We make art for our people, by our people. Co-Op Productions presents the honest, real version of the narrative that you’ve been missing.


It’s been a tumultuous time in our society. We’ve witnessed the outpouring of “Black Lives Matter” statements posted to social media, followed by empty promises and a lack of honest, real change, both in the arts industry and in our community at large. We’ve heard the passionate calls to “tear the system down”, and as much as we feel your pain, we’ve been thinking… 


What if we created, instead of demolished? What if we built a new platform for our people, rather than spending more energy to fix a system that was never meant for us? At Co-Op, we know that the time to innovate, create, build, restore, and renew is now. 


Our mission is to build a new artistic home for the next generation of BIMPOC creatives. Not only will this provide them with a community in which they can see themselves represented, but this foundation will also serve as their creative jumping-off point. We must pave the way so that young BIMPOC artists can pass the torch and light up the future.



We are proud to foster a safe haven for those who have had to fight to be heard in the arts community. We produce work by — and provide support for — BIMPOC artists and social activists, and we open pivotal discussions with BIMPOC industry professionals in casting, producing, managing, directing, and more. 


It’s our privilege and duty to bring the voices of BIMPOC communities to audiences around the world, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. It is our goal and our hope that by featuring underrepresented stories, our audiences and artists alike will find themselves in our work. 


At Co-Op, your story isn’t just tolerated, it’s welcomed. It’s included, it’s respected, and it’s a touchstone of inspiration and truth. Whether you’ve been searching in vain in the mainstream media for authentic representation,  or if — like us — you’re just so damn proud of your heritage that you could burst, look no further. 


We hear you, see you, and we got something for you.

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